Is your child suffering from low self esteem?

The new book titled The Bully Blue Print offers a complete and comprehensive insight in to the mind of a bully, the victims of bullying and how to deal with both. For a meager price of $9.99, you can easily:

  • Learn more on why your child is refusing to tell you that they are being bullied at school
  • Obtain an in-depth knowledge on the reasons for bullying
  • Understand bully victims better and help them out on a prompt basis
  • Teach your kids on how to spot bullies and what type of behavior constitutes bullying
  • Help rebuild your kids’ self-esteem and grow in to strong and independent individuals
  • Save up on the costs of endless hours of counseling, therapies and support groups
  • Explore some of the most efficient ways for your kids to deal with bullies
  • Debunk popular myths about bullies and break away from stereotyping
  • Identify the different types of bullying, such as physical, emotional and cyber.
Written by an expert in the field, this book is written in a straightforward manner and offers practical guidance on how to help your kids overcome bullies and build up their self-esteem.
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